West Midlands Meetings

Slug and Lettuce - Brindley Place 17th July 2012

Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham - 12th June 2012

Locanta - Ludgate Hill - 15th May 2012

The Cross - Moseley - 13th March 2012

Poppy Red, Arcadian, Birmingham, 6th December 2011

 CherryPick Networking Meeting at Poppy Red, Arcadian, Birmingham, 15th November

Venue: Poppy Red, Arcadian

Courtesy of Jim Draper and his team at Molson Coors the December meeting featured a cocktail master class in which Dominic from Poppy Red showed us how to make some very exotic (and alcoholic) cocktails. Keith Tween did his level best to make them as alcoholic as possible!!
Peter Adkins

Apres, Summer Row, 15th November

The Studio, Cannon St, Birmingham 11th October

 CherryPick Networking Meeting at The Studio, Cannon Street, Birmingham on the 11th October 2011.

Venue: The Studio Cannon Street

Over 40 people joined us for the meeting at The Studio - if you're interested in joining us at our next meeting please book in using the links on the Meetings page
Peter Adkins

Jojolapa, Newhall St, 11th September

 CherryPick Networking Meeting at Jojolapa Restaurant, Newhall St, Birmingham on the 11th September 2011