Black Country

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Black Country

Black Country Network

Off the back of the success of the Birmingham and Reading groups, this group has been set up to expand Cherrypick into this new area and deliver the same high quality networking.
To register your interest in this network please email with your name and company details.

Who is the current network lead?

The current network lead is licensing specialist Peter Adkins of QualitySolicitors Talbots, (seen below at one of our events). Contact him using the form alongside or e-mail him at

Where does the network meet?

The group meet at different venues each month so that members can showcase businesses they work with, see the top of the page for the next meeting details.

Who attends the meetings?

Regular attendees at Cherrypick Birmingham include The Marketing Room, Swift Hygiene, QualitySolicitors Talbots, Heineken UK, Spencer Swinden, and Dransfields. We hope that this network will also generate such high level interest.

How do I arrange to come to one of the meetings?

The 'Next Meeting' Bar at the top of the page gives details of where and when the next meeting is being held. To book in click on the meeting and you will be taken to the booking page. Or you can click on 'Meetings' on the task bar.

Click here to reserve a place at the next Black Country meeting.

Alternatively e-mail Peter Adkins at or use the contact form alongside for more information

What positions are available?

The group is currently taking applications from all suppliers on a first come, first approved basis. CherryPick has a policy of a maximum of two members from any sector. All membership applications are approved by CherryPick Directory Ltd.